Services Overview

Fritz Engineering Services, LLC is dedicated to the land development community's goal of successful responsible development.We provide land developers, architects, real estate brokers and attorneys land development services including site/civil engineering, drainage design, zoning assistance, entitlement assistance and overall project management.  

Fritz Engineering Services, LLC also offers our clients aerial photography and video services.  With our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed pilot, our Unmanned Aircrafts (drones) can provide high definition photos and video of existing developments or potential new development sites.  Click on the CONTACT link above to request additional information regarding our services.  

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Site/Civil Engineering

- Commercial Development

- Office / Retail

- Warehouse

- Multi-family / Apartments

- Single Family Residential

We understand that every project has a distinct balance of design parameters, municipal requirements and costs.  We strive to ensure that each project reaches its optimum balance.  


due diligence

- Conceptual Layout

- Property Research

- Zoning Review

- Survey Review

- Identify Site Restraints

Every development begins with an initial investigation into the opportunities and restrictions posed on each specific site.  We have found the earlier in the process these are identified and incorporated into the conceptual layout, the smoother the project reaches its construction which translates into the clients' return on investment.  


drainage analysis

- Detention Pond Design

- Storm Sewer Design

- Floodplain Reveiw / Analysis

- Erosion Control Plans

- Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Environmental concerns have become more and more a significant part of new development projects.  Stormwater management and erosion control measures are pivotal in today's design and construction trades.  Experience over the years has kept us at the forefront of new design requirements and unique implementation of those requirements on a project by project basis.   



Fritz Engineering Services, LLC is now providing aerial photography services through the use of Unmanned Aircraft (drones).  These services offer our clients the abilities to develop both photographs and video of existing developments or assistance in evaluating potential new development sites.  The development business is constantly searching for logical means to evaluate potential projects or market existing facilities.  Let us provide the service that will put your project over the top by providing the aerial photography and inspections available by today's latest technology.